Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Diane Kruger's 2013 Met Week Style

Some really fashionable people need extra attention. And as much as I can't stand her thievery of my husband, Pacey, I can't help but adore Diane Kruger's personal style. She naturally attended the 2013 Met Gala on Monday night in New York. She wore Chanel Couture, of course. I didn't love or hate the look, I thought it was fine.
I didn't post on it yesterday probably because I hadn't seen the back. I think that the back is better than the front. And I like the pink dip dyed hair. A cute detail in an otherwise perfectly nice look. But not one that could compete with the best at the event. I expected more from her.
The next morning she was up and about quick-sticks without a trace of the pink in her hair. She attended a watch event to which she wore an interesting dress by Alessandra Rich.
I am not mad about the dress due to the fringing down the side, but I do think that Diane looks utterly sensational in it. And I am pretty sure that the watch-makers Jaeger-LeCoultre were chuffed with the resulting photos. Very lovely.
And then later in the day, she was out shopping, dressed down this time in a delightful blue polka dot blazer, which she paired perfectly with her washed out jeans, flats and a trilby. This may be the most perfect girl-about-the-city outfit I have seen in a long time. Totes jells.

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