Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Katy Perry in Randi Rahm in Tokyo

I will confess I am having a bit of a Katy Perry moment at present. Her music is just excellent pop music and I can't find it in myself to hate it. Nor can I fully disconnect from her post divorce - which is odd considering I only took an interest in her because of Russell Brand, of whom I am very fond. So it pleases me greatly that the songstress is developing a rather good line in cute outfits. No longer dependent on being a caricature, Katy has started to have more hits than misses on the red carpet, including this adorable silk tie dye dress by Randi Rahm that she wore in Tokyo this week.
She paired the dress brilliantly with a pair of punchy purple Jimmy Choo heels that brought the personality she needs, without compromising on the style. Well played lady. I like it. Continue.
PS: She also did a cartoon manicure to satisfy her need for playfulness. Baby steps.

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