Thursday, May 3, 2012

Alexa Chung for Vogue and Yen

This is just a quick update on the shenanigans of one of my fantasy book club friends, Alexa Chung. First, she appears in the latest issue of UK Vogue June 2012. Wearing Christopher Kane and being quirky. In a good way.
She is also on the cover of Yen magazine this month. I have no idea who that jumper is by. It doesn't seem important really. Does it? Such a pretty face.
And then the last image is a warning really. If you thought that dungarees (or 'rees and Alexa calls them) were an aberration, you are quite wrong. This is yet another hipster classic that will make its way firmly into public consumption within the year. Mark my words. You have been warned.

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Malie said...

This reminds me of her tweet a few days ago: "Why didn't I make it onto FHM's Sexy List? *glances down at dungarees and converse* Oh." I laughed. So much cooler than the same old posing-thigh-deep-in-mauritian-ocean-in-a-busty-bikini type of gal.