Friday, January 6, 2012

Florence Welch in Chanel to Open Harrods Winter Sale

Like a flame-haired, feminine wizzard of style, Florence Welch turned up to open the famous harrods winter sale this year dressed in a magnificent Chanel ensemble that included a floor length cape. I can't help but be impressed by that. Seriously. How stunning?
Sitting amoungst the starkness of the sale window, she really did look like a mythical creature and has restored my faith in hiring celebs to open the sales. Some years it just goes so far into tacky that it is not worth noting. But this year was good.
While we are on the subject of Florence, can I just point out how much I love that kimono of hers that she wore last week whilst doing a bit of knicker shopping? Super cool and I loves it whole heartedly. I want it now. There. I said it.

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