Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rosie Huntington Whiteley Continues to Look Awesome

What else is there to say. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is staggeringly beautiful. She has paced this Transformers 3 press tour with the finesse of Joan Collins. She started out sleek and lovely, built it up with colour and a bit of sheer, and then exploded in the big cities of London and New York with spangle galore. I mean this women has just triumphed with the best dress on the final stop, looking like a younger and more beautiful Jessica Rabbit. So really, what else is there to say?
We could comment on the fact that she seems to have a more casual wardrobe as sleek and chic as her red carpet one. Just check out this selection of neutral silk pieces. So delicious. Or we could comment on her model-chic off-duty look (and much older boyfriend, action star Jason Stratham). Or we could comment on the reviews that are less kind to her acting skills. But we won't. Because this is a fashion blog, and she has played a fashion blinder. I am going to miss the daily images of her outfits, I can tell you. Oh well, on to the next one, as JayZ would say.

BREAKING NEWS: New Victoria Beckham Dress Collection Launched

Seriously. I may wet myself with excitement. I don't think that I have had quite so high voltage a moment since I saw Kate Middleton get out the car in her much-anticipated wedding dress. Launching today is a new clothing line, Victoria by Victoria Beckham, inspired by her "other side, the relaxed, off-duty side". And a dress is priced from about R4,000 rather than the usual R35,000. And it is designed for people of all sizes, "people who maybe want something less tight and clingy and structured. It also makes it more comfortable for during the day. You can wear them with a pair of flats or a pair of heels and they look great." 
Inspired by (and I tell you NO LIES) Emily the Strange, this is a collection full of cute, girlie A-line dresses that are 60s-inspired, bright and easy to wear. And designed with incredible detail and attention by my mate Victoria Beckham. Seriously.
Now when and where can I get my hands on one, hmm?

Trend Alert: Little Tangerine Dresses

We all have our requisite LBD in our wardrobes. We even have our eye on the absolutely essential little white dress for the summer. But who knew we also needed a little tangerine number to add to our must-have frocks? But if this past couple of weeks has taught us anything it is that the tangerine dress is the freshest colour on the style block.
You can't really argue when lady-fashion-princess Victoria Beckham designs one, wears it herself, lends it to her mate Eva Longoria and it is then worn by girl-about-town Olivia Palermo who trumps them all with her styling.
Then there is Beyonce. Who would argue with her? Although I don't love that length on her. I would shorten it by about five inches. Then it would be amazing. Her ex-bandmate, Kelly Rowland wore her version to the X-Factor auditions and looking stunning too - and let's not forget Eva Mendes's tangerine tunic that I posted about earlier.
And what about that last one. Do you know who the lady is? No me neither. Apparently she stars in a UK reality TV show and her name is Lydia Bright - I think, but it may just be that the dress is, well very bright. But, whatever, she is pretty much an ordinary girl wearing an adorable and affordable frock that we could all do with adding to our shopping list for the summer. And it is her dress that clinches it for me. I must have a LTD this summer!
PS: if you don't like that shade next to your face, add a detachable Peter Pan collar or a cool tonal scarf, then you can still embrace the trend, without the unflattering effects of a colour that doesn't suit. Good.

Emily Browning and Max Irons. Is This The Cutest Couple of the Year?

Attending the Dior Homme show this past week was super-cute couple, thespians Emily Browning and Max Irons. Max is son of Jeremy of course, and has done the obligatory Brit-boy modeling that his good looks indicate. He also seems awfully devoted to, and completely sweet on, young Emily. Emily, here, also seems to be building a fashion profile. Attending many of the shows, dressed by the designers, like Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton, she is starting to have a bit of a following for her quirky, but elegant style.
Just adorably cute together, they are definitely shaping up to be this year's cutest fashion couple. Let's keep our eyes on them and see where they go from here - and more importantly what they wear.

Eva Mendes' Week of Style

There is something about Eva Mendes that makes her that woman. You know that one that men want to shag and women want to hang out with. She is definitely sexy, but not in a short/tight/shiny in-your-face kind of way. It is more about personality, curves and a raspy belly laugh. She is awesome.
And look at her style this past week. This is a three for three if ever I saw one.
First the tangerine shift over the weekend. Seriously, where do I get one? Then that stunning mocha and cream Salvatore Ferragamo dress and finally stepping out in that beautiful, backless blue dress. I am assuming it is Rachel Roy since she was having dinner with her at the time. Smart me. Which was your favourite look?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Colour Blocking v. Black Magic: Which Is The Winning Style?

Oh I do love a bit of a competition! So here is the lunchtime vote for today gang. I was looking at the images from the Burberry Serpentine Summer Party held last night in Kensington Gardens in London, and my immediate response was "ooch, I am so tired of all these bright colours." And then I stopped myself, shocked. I mean I LOVE all the colour block red carpet frocks. It brings sunshine into my day! I have built my whole vision of next summer around wearing them. So why the fatigue?
And I think it is because I have seen so many super-cute all-black ensembles in the last few days. I mean, let's be honest, black is my total default style position. There really is no other great love. But I have started to explore colour and loved it. So why have I instinctively returned to the safe place?
I am not sure, so I am turning it over to you guys. Do we still want to see piles of bright colours all through our next summer? Or are we over it before it has even begun, settling back in with black? Vote now in the comments please.

WIN!! R1,000 Gift Card for Levi's CurveID Jeans

Hey blog gang. How are you all doing? Um, just wondering how many of you have been to get fitted for your Levi's CurveID jeans yet? I have told you a hundred times to go and do it. Don't you want jeans that are comfortable AND stylish, hey? And I am not just saying it because they have given me R1,000 to give away to one of you. I am saying it as I sit here in my second of three pairs of jeans I have bought there with my OWN money since discovering that jeans can be trackkie-pants-comfy. Seriously.
Anyhoodle, unlike me, one of you doesn't have to spend your own money to get a pair of these properly fitted jeans. Because, you see, you can get them from me.
All you have to do is email me at with your contact details and a good reason as to why you should win by Friday 3pm at the latest. And I will draw the winner  and let you know early next week who has a shopping trip in their future. Simple as.
I look forward to hearing from you.
PS: With a R1,000 gift card you can buy a pair of jeans and a top or a belt or something. A whole new outfit courtesy of StyleGuideCT and Levi's. Bargain.

Charlene Wittstock Turns Up In Style Ahead of Weekend Wedding

Soon to be Her Serene Highness Princess Charlene of Monaco, South African swimmer, Charlene Wittstock and her fiance Prince Albert have been seen out and about ahead of the nuptials to be held this weekend in the tiny principality.
From attending a meeting of the Special Olympics, of which Charlene is the Ambassador - in Greece - to taking a stroll around the port of Monaco down the road, the couple have been seen widely in public in theh past few days. There is no doubt that sleek, clean dresses look amazing on Charlene and I am particularly fond of the black shift that looks akin to a Thula Sindi dress. I am also a huge fan of the wider leg trouser that Charlene favours to balance her shoulders - but I am not sure I would have gone with a white upper, But all-in, the local girl made good is looking super-chic and I can't wait to see what she wears this weekend. I have the PVR already set.
PS: Look how they were holding hands yesterday - does that look like a girl trying to escape with a one-way ticket back to SA? I don't think so. Silliness.

Beyonce's Secret Concert: Best Dressed

A plethora of some of the biggest stars of the music world, film and even fashion were lucky enough to get access to the coolest secret one-off gig to take place in London this year. For the launch of her new album, 4Beyonce performed at the Shepherd's Bush Empire in front of a special invited audience. Who all turned up looking pretty hot. I mean look at that awesome spriggie dress Gwyneth Paltrow wore - there is in fact a whole hullabaloo about that outfit which she picked out for NET-A-PORTER, but that's a story for another day. And then the top halves of the rest are ALL meant for my wardrobe.
Adele's draped tuxedo jacket - yes please. The gold spangle Stella McCartney wore with her faded denims is such a winning item for anyone's wardrobe. And Jessie J. Broken leg and all. Seriously, how 80s fabulous is that little tux jacket? Loving it.
The concert looked about as fabulous as Beyonce herself. Also the incessant tweeting about it made it clear that it was super-awesome.
I so wish we were there.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

2011 BET Awards Red Carpet Best Dressed

The 2011 BET Awards were held on Sunday afternoon and the red carpet (green lawn?) was filled with spangle, colour, legs and leather. Some of it was successful, some much, much less so. In the spirit of this blog, let's say only good things about the good outfits. Starting with Kerry Washington who looked AH-MAY-ZING in neon yellow Michael Kors. Love the belt, love the peek-a-boo, wish she had gone for a non-black shoe, gold would have been so much better.
Kelly Rowland looked cute as a button and super-trim in her Notte by Marchesa mini dress. Lovely. And UK singer and sometime fashionista, Estelle, really looked beautifully subtle and elegant in her Naeem Khan asymmetric draped creation. This is the second showing for Naeem this week with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's silver backless dress also being his design. Definitely someone to pay attention to on red carpets.
For next year, BET attendees, I would recommend you leave the leather and ill-fitting mini dresses at home. Also, too, too many Herve Leger dresses, so step away from those as well. Go this route, bright, sleek, elegant and a little revealing. It goes a long way. Awesome.

South African Idols Judge Unathi Msengana's Brilliant Style. And Giggles.

NOTHING in this world makes me happier than getting the giggles. Laughing so hard that tears pour from my eyes and my cheeks and belly hurt from the laughing. But the second best thing is when someone else does it and it is infectious. New Idols judge Unathi Msengana is such a lady person. Oh my frikkity frack. When she starts laughing, hitting Gareth, snorting from the hysteria of it all, I laugh right along with her. I can't help it. Watching this season of Idols has been brilliant so far, Unathi has brought levity and style to the process. She has made my mate Randall Abrahams so much happier, which makes him more fun to be around, more real and like the Randall I know and love. That makes me happy too.
And let's just chat about her style. Unathi has told me that she is wearing strictly local designers - hoping to showcase South African fashion talent on this platform. How awesome. We have agreed, therefore, that I will share with you all her looks right through the season.
So far she has worn Stoned Cherrie and Asanda Madyibi (ex Sun Goddess) - who made this incredible beautiful purple dress she wore at the Jozi auditions. Six months pregnant and so beautiful. I'll take two please. Keep coming back for more Idols style.

2011 Glastonbury Style: Best Dressed

The first thing to note about Glastonbury-style this year is that Mossy it not longer top dog. Stuck in something of a style-rut, with wedding bells on her mind, Kate Moss rocked a stunning Balmain leather jacket, but stuck to tried and tested for the rest of her outfit. In her place, my book club mate Alexa Chung double dipped with a new set of wellies - Superga - her old Barbour, but also a brilliantly louche leopard print coat, dainty little expensive Chanel bags and that cracker of a fedora. There is no doubt who the new queen of festival style is this year. Perfectly done.
The model contingent also managed a good showing in the sea of mud. Jaquetta Wheeler, Poppy Delevigne (love the red skinnies and AWESOME quilted jacket) and Lily Donaldson all rocked out with their posh bags and wellies, combined with some sunnies, a pop of colour or a show of leg, the recipe for festival style is now set for this season.
But let's not go anywhere without mentioning Beyonce. Look, stage costumes are not fashion, but MAN, this is style. Played lady.

Duchess of Cambridge Hits up Wimbledon

Was there ever a more suitable dress for attending the tennis? I doubt it. It appears if there was, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, would have found it. I am starting to panic. Let me know if I am wrong here. Is she maybe not taking 'suitable' a bit too far? Military chic for Armed Forces Day, frilled white dress for the tennis...isn't this, dare I say it out loud...a bit costumey?
Which is not to say that the Alice Temperley dress isn't all kinds of cute, and totally appropriate for the hottest day in the UK for five years. But when you mistake her for one of the glorious lady tennis players, maybe we have taken this all a bit too far?
I'm confused. I don't know. I am so enamoured of Princess Katie's style and she really hasn't put a foot wrong since she got married so maybe I am being a bit picky. She and the hubby even got involved in a Mexican wave at the tennis as they supported British hopeful Andy Murray. But I have put it out there now and I await your feedback. Good. Cool. I am, as ever, your slave in style. Over to you.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Florence Welch Debuts New Gucci Stage Outfit and Appears on Film

The glorious front woman of Florence and the Machine, Florence Welch, has revealed the second of the incredible stage outfits that Gucci has designed for her. Taking to the stage on Good Morning America, she debuted this rust red gown and floral shrug. It is a colour that most red-heads wouldn't dare wear, but with her confidence, style and dramatic stage presence, it looks amazing.
In other Florence news, it was revealed that designer Mark Lupfer will present his second resort collection as a short 1960s-style mockumentary film, screening today at New York’s Mondrian SoHo, and featuring friends and fans of the brand (singer Florence Welch, actress Margo Stilley, and models Irina Lazareanu and Liddie Holt are among those with cameos). Each is afflicted with a fabricated, comical, social condition and holed up within Dr. Lupfer’s Laboratory, dressed in his body-skimming jersey dresses, striped cardigans and spangle sweaters. Florence plays the role of the hoarder.
"There’s a momentum to film,” Lupfer says. “And it gets across the personality of the brand. Fashion can be so serious, and personally, I prefer things a little lighthearted.” As do we. Played.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's Style Showcase Continues in Berlin and London

The press tour for Transformers 3 marched on through Berlin and London this weekend. And Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's style continued to impress. She literally dazzled in Berlin with her backless sheath of silver spangle. Her stylist Cher Coulter introduced a new designer into her tour mix with Naeem Khan who designed this stunning gown. I particularly like how that belt sits over the skin at the back of the dress. Lovely.
Earlier in the day, the cast attended a Linkin Park Concert where Rosie wore a Gucci top and a Helmut Lang jacket and did the photo call, to which she wore a red super-low-cut, slinky Stella McCartney dress and nude Loubs. 
The traveling circus then moved on to London where she stopped everyone in their tracks once more with an utterly sublime, barely-there navy silk creation custom made for her by Burberry. this press tour is shaping up to be a complete blinder for new style-star RHW.

Duchess of Cambridge Goes Military Chic

It was Armed Forces Day in the UK on Saturday. However I feel about war and violence and guns, you have to respect that there are people who are prepared to fight and possibly die for their country. And so these sorts of days are taken especially seriously. Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, was therefore attending a ceremony at the Irish Guards. Prince William is the Colonel of Guards, but this was Kate's first military duty. And she rocked it in on-trend military-style Alexander McQueen.  
Let's just have a word quickly about Prince William's outfit. I know, how superficial of me, but it is soo cool. I would kill for that jacket! Wouldn't you?
Right, back to Kate. Her outfit comprised a pre-Fall 11 Alexander McQueen modified look, with a shift dress underneath a fitted jacket. She wore her navy Prada courts and carried her Anya Hindmarch clutch along with it. The Irish Guards lent her the shamrock to wear on the coat as a brooch. Splendid. And perfectly suited to the occasion. See how fashion and function can combine!

January Jones Hits The Beach For Her Baby Shower. With Christina Hendricks as Guest.

If you needed any other proof that this summer is going to be all about bold, bright colour, let the ladies of Man Men show you the way. Joining January Jones at her baby shower at the beach on the weekend, Christina Hendricks looked stunning in her bright pink silk wrap dress. January herself looked amazing too, dressed as she was in a tropical print silk kaftan. I'll take both frocks ladies. Straight off your backs. All mine...

Jennifer Aniston Steps Out in New York - With New Tattoo!

Girl-next-door, Jennifer Aniston, has taken a step on the wild side commensurate with a new boyfriend and a possible mid-life crisis. She has got her first tattoo - on the instep of her right foot. Don't get me wrong, lady Rachel can ink up all she likes, but that she has waited until her early 40s and has a history of adopting the style of her man-friends, so one must consider that this is something of a fad. Add to it the see-through skirt and the distant sounds of the Sharon Stone Express can be heard.
Then she stepped out in more classic Jen outfits, looking sleek and sophisticated but I don't know if these work any better than the sheer skirt. The black shift and jacket is maybe a bit severe and (dare I say it) old? And the matching corset and skirt don't know. OK, so over to you guys. What do you think of Jennifer's style weekend? Comments below please.

Friday, June 24, 2011

New Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Portrait and Kate Middleton Style Update

OK, so the lovely Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and his new wife, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge - or as we know her Kate Middleton - have released a new portrait in advance of their first overseas tour. They head to Canada and briefly to America in a couple of weeks. I can't wait to see what we have in store style-wise. This portrait sees the next of many "re-wears" by Kate. The Amanda Wakeley navy suit was worn before her marriage at an official visit in April. But the couple look lovely of course. Just nothing terribly fresh or new this time round.
What I did find interesting was that Kate has decreed that she won't accept any free clothing from retailers or designers. This is a fantastic policy, one that I have absolute respect for. And of course endears her to me so much more. And while she is not using a stylist or a dresser, she has deployed the services of the personal shopping departments at my favourite department stores, Selfridges (above) and Harvey Nicholls in advance of the tour. This means that they can pull items that they think are suitable from the designers that they stock, and present them to Kate so she doesn't have to start from scratch. A very sensible idea given she has 40 looks to put together and no extra budget made available for the trip. Awesome.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's Transformers 3 Press Tour Wardrobe

Oh  my goodness. I had kind of had an eye on Burberry and Victoria Secret model - now actress - Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. I was aware that she was looking jolly nice as she started out her promotional press tour of the new Transformers 3 movie. Until last night. Then her sartorial choices slapped me around the head and demanded to be made known. Wow.
With a selection of looks that combine show-stopper with sexy, Rosie has worked her good looks and her great bod in all the pieces that Cher Coulter, her stylist, has picked out for her.
The best of these so far are:
1. The stunning pink Michael Kors slightly off-the-shoulder sheath she wore yesterday in Moscow;
2. The incredible chartreuse top and sheer skirt from Gucci that she wore last night, also in Moscow;
3. The Michael Kors version of the sheer skirt, belted in with a black body suit, she wore earlier in the week in Rio;
4. The Dolce & Gabbanna skinny pants and waistcoat she wore on Jimmy Fallon's show - with Jimmy Choo heels;
5. The Michael Kors cream jumpsuit she wore on David Letterman last week;
6. And the gorgeous blush crochet dress she wore in Rio (not sure who by) and Burberry handbag, as is only fitting. Just delightful. Of course it does not hurt that she is utterly gorgeous, and no one knows yet if her acting chops are any more developed than Megan Fox. But I will just enjoy her outfits for now and leave the rest to you all.

Michelle Obama in Cape Town. Styling.

Michelle Obama, the First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS), was in my town yesterday. It was her third full day in South Africa and her only one in the most beautiful place on earth. I have such undisguised pride at that fact. I am also, I admit amazed and pleased that the whole party (Michelle, her daughters and mother) were so respectful, accessible and fun. They really did take in a great deal of what Cape Town has to offer - and met some of my heros.
Through the whole day, Mrs O only wore one outfit - navy pants, her turquoise Jimmy Choo flats, a gorgeous bright knit top and a Reed Krakoff jacket. And it was perfect. Because Cape Town is not a dress-up-formal kind of place. Especially not in winter.
Michelle and her party started out at the District Six museum. It is an amazing museum that tells a story of the real people, the soul, behind the appalling group areas act of the previous apartheid regime. They all stopped off at a cool (and by that I mean hipster cool, where designers and artists and stylists hang) tiny little eating spot in Woodstock for lunch. I don't know how they found out abut The Kitchen (run by Karen Dudley), but they stopped there for some lovely fresh salads and drinks before heading to my alma mater, University of Cape Town. My boss, the editor of O Magazine, Samantha Page, was lucky enough to attend that function. And like everyone who has met Mrs O on her trip to South Africa, was amazed at her oratory skills and her warmth. The Q and A was moderated by one of my all-time female power heros Mamphela Ramphele - there to Michelle's right in the group shot.
Finally, the Obama party hooked up with nobel prize-winning Desmond Tutu for some work on getting kids to exercise at the wonderful Cape Town Stadium. Not only did Michelle get down on her hands to show Tutu how to do a press up (!), but also stood eye-to-eye with football hero Matthew Booth. Now let me tell you, I have had the pleasure of meeting both Matthew and Desmond Tutu, and now I know for sure how incredibly tall Michelle Obama is! Yikes! She really is statuesque.
I really hope they had a blast in Cape Town. I hope my town showed them what we do best. And I hope they come back soon. And this time, stay a bit longer so we can see a few more outfits!

2011 amfAR New York Gala Best Dressed. And Fergie.

Looking absolutely sensational at the amfAR gala in New York last night was, as ever, the divine Ms Diane Kruger. Dressed in red custom Valentino, she kept her accessories absolutely minimal, hair back in a casual bun and let her lipstick do the talking for her. I am a huge fan of this style of smart dressing. I absolutely embrace the less-is-more and don't be seen to be trying too hard. The American critics weren't so sure. They needed a bit more flash. I say leave it to the Europeans to show you how to do dress-down red carpet. Of course Dita von Teese also looked immaculate and quite stunning in her navy blue drapery. Very well played ladies.

Twenty-two year old Emily Browning, an Aussie child actress who starred in Lemony Snicket and Sucker Punch looked a treat in her gorgeous Louis Vuitton romber with Peter Pan collar (I want!), in monochrome (so on trend). I can love it on her as she is young and peachy and quirky. I can not love this style on the older ladies like Cameron and, yes, Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas. Seriously woman. Have some dignity.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Trend Alert: Monochrome High-Neck Dresses

In the past three days, we have seen a non-stop parade of black and white outfits, all with very prim and proper high necks. As you all know, see it once and it is an interesting experiment, see it twice and it is an intriguing co-incidence, but see it three times and it is a trend. I think we can safely say that, with Paula AbdulNicole Sherzinger and Jennifer Lopez (in Lanvin) all trotting out this exact combo yesterday - we have a fully-fledged new fashion fad on our hands.
Add to it the last couple of outfits that trend-setter Sienna Miller (also co-designer of label twenty8twelve) has worn, both with high necks (the white by Ralph Lauren) and you are safe to go and buy yours as soon as possible. A Peter-Pan collar is always a winner for me so I am loving it. What do you guys think of this trend? Answers below...

When Barak Obama Dresses Down, What Does He Wear?

We talk a great deal about what Michelle Obama wears and her style. But generally we forget about the US President, her husband Barack Obama, until he wears something other than his standard dark suit and tie. And then we take some notice. Like this past weekend when Mr O was spotted out and about with his daughters before they left to come here to South Africa. Wearing a pair of very well pressed casual jeans, a short sleeve shirt and a pair of mandals, Mr Obama looked relaxed and at ease.
He has been known to favour good classic Levi 501 jeans for all his dress down needs. They have been in turn derided and praised, but the President is unrepentant and is firm on these as his go-to look for weekend wear, saying, "I hate to shop. These jeans are comfortable, and for those of you who want your President to look great in tight jeans, I'm sorry - I'm not the guy. It just doesn't fit me."
I think a middle-aged man in classic denim is a perfect look. I certainly wouldn't want to see my President in skinny or washed jeans. Can you imagine? Embarrassing! No, these are just great, thank you very much. Long love classic jeans.

Michelle Obama in South Africa. Day 2 Outfits!

Michelle Obama kicked off Day 2 of her trip to South Africa in one of the biggest fashion trends of the moment - colour blocking. Her turquoise, beige and pale lemon two-piece outfit was the choice for her address to the Young African Women Leaders Forum at the Regina Mundi Church in Soweto, as well as her tribute laid at the Hector Pieterson memorial.
In the afternoon they went to a project at the Vhuthilo Community Centre, where Mrs Obama was seen getting her hands dirty as dhe gardened up a storm, while others painted and sorted and hammered. What is an appropriate outfit for this kind of occasion? Well, an all-black ensemble, with a belted jacket and peplum frill.

Stars Wear Rachel Zoe at Launch Dinner

I posted a couple of weeks ago about how much I loved Rachel Zoe's new collection. But you never really know how good a collection is until yo see how people are wearing it, mixing it up with other pieces, even customising it. But at the launch dinner, held on Tuesday night, that is exactly what we got to see. And it was good.
Let's start with the timeless tuxedo looks. Amber Veletta looks like a class act. You just can't go wrong in a sleek, black, women's tuxedo - although I would have liked it have been hemmed. And trust Cat Deeley to change things up a bit - she customised her tuxedo dress by taking out the shoulder pads, and then mixing it with vintage accessories. And it looks perfect. Beau Garrett keeps the monochrome look going - but adds some spangle - in this incredibly cute RZ dress.
There is no doubt that Rachel herself would be the first person to get on board with personalising your garments. We all know that's her thing. So it is great to see her enjoying her guests doing the same with her collection. Well played all.