Friday, August 26, 2011

Taylor Swift's Retro Holiday Style

Staying on the subject of holiday style (probs a bit influenced by the fact that I am currently on holiday), these snaps of Taylor Swift from a recent mini break in Charlston really charmed me.
Let me say, I am not particularly a fan of Taylor Swift or her music, however I really admire her approach to fame and her work ethic and her style. And most of all, nothing makes me happier when I ask my nieces who they admire and they say Taylor Swift. Because by saying Taylor, they are not saying Miley. Or Kim. Or Lindsay. Or any number of sketchy young women in very short dresses who are held up for the young women of today to aspire to. Taylor is sweet and sassy and bright and talented and demure and seems to have her head on straight. And that is all you can ask for, for your young nieces. No matter who I personally admire.
And I love, love, love the style she is showing in these personal pics. On hols with her girls, Taylor has gone for a retro look that harkers back to the late 50s and early 60s. The polka dots are there. The playsuits. The head scarves. The large sunnies. The pretty bustier dresses with cardigans thrown over the shoulders. The full piece cozzies. The girlishness. In a world where our girls gown up way too fast, girlish style is charming to me. And I hope to my nieces. These pictures warm my cold fashion heart and give me hope. Awesome.

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Jay said...

I absolutely love Taylor's style in these photos! A definite inspiration - so going shopping for some key pieces this week..! :)