Tuesday, June 28, 2011

South African Idols Judge Unathi Msengana's Brilliant Style. And Giggles.

NOTHING in this world makes me happier than getting the giggles. Laughing so hard that tears pour from my eyes and my cheeks and belly hurt from the laughing. But the second best thing is when someone else does it and it is infectious. New Idols judge Unathi Msengana is such a lady person. Oh my frikkity frack. When she starts laughing, hitting Gareth, snorting from the hysteria of it all, I laugh right along with her. I can't help it. Watching this season of Idols has been brilliant so far, Unathi has brought levity and style to the process. She has made my mate Randall Abrahams so much happier, which makes him more fun to be around, more real and like the Randall I know and love. That makes me happy too.
And let's just chat about her style. Unathi has told me that she is wearing strictly local designers - hoping to showcase South African fashion talent on this platform. How awesome. We have agreed, therefore, that I will share with you all her looks right through the season.
So far she has worn Stoned Cherrie and Asanda Madyibi (ex Sun Goddess) - who made this incredible beautiful purple dress she wore at the Jozi auditions. Six months pregnant and so beautiful. I'll take two please. Keep coming back for more Idols style.

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