Sunday, June 29, 2014

Dungarees aren't for kids anymore. Here's how to wear them with style!

Recently Olivia Palermo, Blake Lively and Kate Bosworth were all photographed wearing black denim dungarees as they went about their glamorous lives – on the red carpet, in the airport and being interviewed. They all paired the work-wear with white tops and a formal shoe, giving this traditionally casual item a very modern, very dressed-up feeling. And it was this that made me think that it was time to embrace this trend. Of course it’s tricky, because dungarees have always been kids’ wear. They are designed to cover up the wee nippers as they play in the grass and fields and get filthy. This is definitely not the intention for us grown ups. Read all about how to wear them as an adult here on Women24.

New Fan: PUMA Select

I have never been a sporty girl when it comes to style. I have veered through goth, boho, preppy, corporate chic and high-fashion, before settling into a chic street style influenced by Alexa Chung and Olivia Palermo. You know, tailored skinnies and blouses done all the way up to the top with a natty brogue or ankle boots. All that is about to change. And there are several reasons for that, most of which rest with this pair of PUMA sneakers that I picked up this weekend.
First of all, I recently discovered the comfort and flattering effect of the relaxed tracksuit pant. I also realised that the dressy sweat shirt really works for me for my more casual look. Bit by bit my style has shifted over the past two months into something akin to sports luxe for my weekend wear. And I am very excited about it. Then I popped over to London last week and the only work wear outfits that I liked on the London ladies was a blouse, black skinny ankle-grazers and a pair of sneakers. Yes, sneakers. For work. I was sold.
I returned to CT to an email from my friend Rudi Cronje who now works at PUMA SA, inviting me to pop into the PUMA Select store on Bree Street and so I did. And it was a revelation. I snapped up the tropical print sneaks above, and drooled over the Alexander McQueen selection. I marvelled at the Solange collaboration - which is FAB if you love your colour clash - and left feeling like the timing was perfect. New style at the right time in the right place. That place is PUMA. See the new sporty Style Guide at a fashion hot spot near you.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Nicole Kidman Dazzles. And Perplexes.

Nicole Kidman is one of those A-list superstars that, when they get their red carpet right, they are unbeatable. This silver shimmer of a Dolce + Gabbana dress is sensational. She is a column of sheer perfection in it and she KILLS every other woman on that carpet. I love it.
Even off duty in that simple black knit and full skirt, Nicole is a style star. I look at these pictures and I think about my own wardrobe, inspired to try something ladylike but understatedly sexy. She is really the master of that. There is not doubt that Nicole Kidman is a lady.
And then she does this. Obviously I blame Prada to start with. The colour is wrong for her, it's NOT ladylike, that shoulder detail is weird and the whole vibe screams someone younger and less elegant. But man those bosoms draw you in. Obviously there is much speculation that these ladies have been assisted, and I am pretty sure that that is accurate. Not my business, however. What is my business is the fact that Nicole is a lady and doesn't get the girls out in a cavalier fashion. Like, ever. So why now? What was it about this dress that made her deviate so dramatically from her usual style? No idea. But I will say this, her husband Keith Urban looks happy, and maybe some days that is all that matters.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Jennifer Morrison's Monte Carlo Style Diary

Talk about princess dresses! Man, the lady actor who stars in fairy tale TV series, Once Upon a Time, Jennifer Morrison, was in Monte Carlo last week to promote the series. And she took her dressing up duties very literally. As a girl I really can't help but absolutely swoon over the Georges Hobeika Couture dress with the ribbon belt and the appliqu├ęd and beaded flowers. I also think that the caramel Romona Keveza gown with the embellished belt and tulle layers is what I would wear in my idea of girlie-heaven. They are to die for. Perfect for the occasion. But I actually may have a tiny, tiny issue...
You see the pretty, princess-y, paleness of the Georges Hobieka doesn't stop there. And then the milkmaid braids are added. And deep down, I still think that these dresses are gorgeous, obviously since they are, but that maybe, just maybe, Jennifer Morrison would look better in different colours. That maybe, just maybe, Jennifer Morrison needs to wear colours other than shades of beige or pale pastels. That she would be cooler in red. More actualised in navy. A sensation in print. It's just a suggestion. Nay, more of an inkling. But there you have it. Lovely girl in incredible dresses that don't really deliver on all their promise. Sigh.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

ELLE US: Alvin Ailey Dancers in Spring 2014 Dresses

Oh my goodness. Two of my great loves come together here in the US ELLE Magazine. Alvin Ailey's studio of contemporary dancers (one of my lifetime passions) model fashion (one of my other passions). Can you believe it? Just amazing. Some of the best fashion images ever. To see them all please go to ELLE but also note that a couple of these dresses are South African designed by Kisua, selling in the US. This story really couldn't get better for me.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sophia Bush Style Watch, June 2014

I have always adored Sophia Bush. Yes, from her One Tree Hill days. I think that I watched every single episode of that series. And considering it ran for NINE YEARS and involved a dog eating someone's stolen heart, I need points for perseverance in the face of significant challenges. But Sophia was - and still is - a firecracker, and I am much happier now that she is involved with the gripping Chicago PD series and I can watch that without embarrassment.
It is apparent that Sophia loves fashion. The way you and I do. She explores new things. Tries stuff out to see if it works and then moves on. She is always current and always immaculate. She has an edge, definitely, but keeps a formula running through things which tells me that she pretty much knows what works for her. And she likes a bit of colour and a bit of tounge-in-cheek-sexy. In other words, Sophia Bush is a girl's fashion girl.
This past month has seen some cracking outfits from her as she has been promoting the new show. My particular favourite has to be the awesome red hot Zimmerman number that she wore to the InStyle party. Although her CFDA white laser cit Monique Lhullier was also a winner. And ultimately not too dissimilar. The print SportMax was youthful and fun and suited her in a cool but safe way, but you know I am always going to just LOVE the Jenni Kayne jumpsuit - particularly when paired with those turquoise earrings. Man, that's good.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Allison Williams is All White in Dolce + Gabbana

Sometimes they can still shock you. Allison Williams has always been honest about how hard she works at getting her style just right. Despite this, it has actually evolved over the past few years and she really has nailed that Park Avenue Preppy Princess in Oscar de la Renta vibe. And then she goes and mixes it up with SEXY here.
I love that. I love to be surprised. I love to see something that shouldn't work, actually really work. It's a bit like last year when Olivia Palermo wore Roberto Cavalli leopard print. It really, really shouldn't have been the success it was. Anyhoodle. This is Dolce + Gabbana white lace with a giant dollop of the sexy thrown in to make us sit up and take notice. Well played Williams, well played.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Lorde's Style Evolution

Well, well, well. She is only 17 years old and yet it appears that songstress Lorde has already nailed a cool signature style. This whole play with wide leg trousers and cropped tops is magnificent for her. It is edgy and classic. It is revealing and a cover-up all at the same time. It is great for her. So much better than those long black dresses she was so fond of. The Vionnet and Emporio Armani suits are the business here.
And then she also did this. Lanvin feathers at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards. I thought it was genius. Many, many people didn't love it but I did. It is totally where her style is going and I am loving this evolution.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Jaime King Style Update, June 2014

Oh how I adore the style of actress Jaime King. I love her as Lemon Breeland in Hart of Dixie. I also love following her on social media as she is equal parts bawdy, witty, sweet and irreverent. And this weekend she attended the Spike TV's Guys Choice Awards wearing this dress. Oh my goodness. This sassy black and silver number is by Emilio Pucci who always brings the sex. Amazing.
Jaime has been wearing a bit of Katie Ermillo recently. The black crop top and skirt and that gorgeous pink and cream striped dress are both from this designer. And then there was that witty little white Calvin Klein dress she wore to the CFDA Awards earlier last week.
But what really makes Jaime stand out from her fellow actresses when it comes to style is this. Her off-duty style is sometimes even better than her red carpet style. And she does this without a stylist. I mean look at this lot. Casual around New York City, she looks like the type of cool chick I would want in my posse. All buttoned up and yet totally sexy. She nails this perfectly.
Also her collection of shoes is like my wishlist on someone else's feet. Those loafers are NEXT LEVEL. And I really want them. Also the studded trainers. Seriously. And throw the shirt dress in while you are about it, why don't you.
But my very favourite outfit of them all recently was this one with the navy dotty blouse and skinny black jeans. Definitely one for the inspiration board, don't you think?

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, Flirts With D-Day Veterans

Let's get this out the way first: Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, travelled to Normandy France for the D-Day celebrations. For the occasion she wore her pale blue Alexander McQueen dress coat that she debuted in New Zealand. She switched up the hat and shoes for this event.
I absolutely adore this coat, the pleating at the rear is a real highlight and lends a feminine swishy-ness to an otherwise quite formal and stiff garment. So the fact that it gets another outing is super awesome. Also, as ever with solemn events, Kate doesn't like to upstage the occasion with her outfit, so a re-wear is always called for. Good girl.
And then let's talk about her charming smile and sweet ways. An 88-year-old veteran of the Normandy landings asked for a kiss on the cheek. And she obliged. Something no other member of the Royal Family would have done. At all. Ever. And the old fellow, a hero of course, was made up. Just totally chuffed with himself. Ahhh, what a girl.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Khloe Kardashian Attends the MTV Africa Awards in South Africa in Lanvin

So I will admit that I so very nearly stopped my car to take a photo of a newspaper sounding board that shouted "Khloe Kardashian Lands in South Africa" because, you know, that's not such a big deal now is it. I mean we live in a city where Annie Lennox lives and Meryl Streep has been. So you know. Not a big deal. But then I saw pics of her at the MTV Africa Music Awards and I thought she looked cool. A bronze goddess in Lanvin. And she is my favourite Kardashian, so here she is.
For those of you who, like me, had never heard of her new boyfriend, French Montana, this is what he looks like. He is actually a fellow African, having been born in Morocco. But he is now a naturalised American rapper with a record company called 'Cocaine City Records'. Well. He is only 29 so maybe he will grow up. But personally what I liked most was that his real name is Karim Kharbouch - that's two K's people. Perfect for a Kardashian, right? Hahahaha. Love it.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Au Revoir My Fashion Friend

On Friday night I said goodbye to a friend. She is off to study at one of the most prestigious universities in the world, Harvard. And it's a great match. Because you see, this friend is pretty prestigious herself. She is so very smart and funny and feminine and loyal. Most of all she is real and true. I know this for myself. But I also know it because everyone who knows her - better than I - says so too. I'm not always right. But collectively I can absolutely know it to be true.
The reason why this is notable, over everyone else, is that she is also a politician. And a democrat. My pretty standard belief about these things is that they are all lying to a greater or lesser extent. But not my friend. She plays the game, but only enough to effect change and make a difference for people. This is about the most admirable quality about her.
But for myself, I love her laugh. I love her fresh, sweet, girlish approach. And most of all I love her wit. And her hugs. She gives great hugs. And I am going to miss her love of fashion. We have had some chats, she and I. And while our styles differ considerably - she loves a tulle skirt, I love a sleek YSL suit - we meet around our mutual love of fashion and the amazing, strong women who exemplify style for us both.
I don't know much about what her plans are for her return to SA and our political landscape. I'm not sure she does either. But I know this. We shall be poorer for the loss of her voice. We shall be duller without her feminine sparkle. And we shall be quieter without her laugh.
So I wish her well on her academic and social adventurers. I so hope I will see her if I visit Boston next year. I can't wait to see it through her eyes. And I look forward to the preppy, Ivy League outfits that must surely follow from her sojourn abroad.
Lindiwe, I didn't make you a video, because that's not what I do. I write. And this is my wish for you.
Bon voyage. Godspeed.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Gifts From Me to Me: Jo Malone

I went to the opening function for the new Jo Malone store at Canal Walk a couple of weeks ago. It was literally a dark and stormy night. And I stumbled into the store wet and bedraggled and feeling a bit sorry for myself. How I came alive under the wonderful luxury of the aromas and scents in the store.
There is actually nothing on earth better suited to making a girl feel better than a store-load of Jo Malone. As they massaged my hands with a combination of their fresh, floral fragranced oils and creams, life started to feel so much better. And before I knew it I had selected a candle, a hand cream and a personalised fragrance - a unique scent combination that I love. And somehow life was better. I was definitely significantly poorer at that stage, but I felt great. If you want a luxury experience, with excellent customer service and a real treat for yourself, then take yourself off to the British enclave of Jo Malone. It's totally worth it.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Taylor Swift Style Update, June 2014

Taylor Swift has been rocking a sidewalk show in New York and on tour, stepping out every day in a cool, summery outfit that encapsulates her signature personal style elements. I love how she combines high end fashion with high street purchases. Dresses from Urban Outfitters, French Connection, Tommy Hilfiger and Topshop make her style really accessible.
Taylor always accessorises to perfection. She has frequently been finishing off her outfits with vintage-style scarves that she wraps and folds around her hair into a knot. It's very 50s, very consistent with her personal style.
Taylor's footwear swings from cute little twenties courts, via hectic platform sandals through to a regular series of lace-up bootie heels. She loves these styles because they make her feel less girlie. It takes the edge off the complete twee of it all.
I haven't blogged new content for a while but Taylor keeps me watching, keeps me interested, keeps me coming back for more. Keep it coming lady!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Yes You CAN Wear Skinny Jeans! Yes, Even You.

One of the quickest ways to stay looking relevant and modern as we age, is to keep in style. Contemporary style right now dictates that you put away your bootleg jeans and embrace the skinny jean. But many of you are resisting because you think you can’t wear them. Well I am here to tell you that “too old” and “too big” are no longer excuses to stay trapped in outdated styles. You can – and should – be wearing skinny jeans this winter. I explain it all here on Women24.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Yes We Cannes! In the Red Carpet Wars, Cannes is the Victor.

Many fashion authorities believe that the Oscars offers the best of red carpet fashion. Others – the edgier ones – think that the annual Met Gala is the benchmark of red carpet fashion. I disagree with all of them. I think that the two weeks of film festival held every year in May in Cannes is hands-down the red carpet winning occasion. Read my justification here on Women24.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Want to be as posh as Posh Spice? Here's how to dress like Victoria Beckham.

Victoria Beckham is the ultimate style icon. She is designer, muse and customer of her own creations. There is no one as high profile a celebrity who is also a recognised, respected and awarded designer. And there is no one better than her to show off her own clothes. But even her most devoted fan (me) will acknowledge that an average human woman (definitely me) would find it tricky to pull off her very specific, streamlined and elegant style. It’s a challenge, for sure. But I am up to the challenge and can definitely share my three top tips for getting VB’s style here on Women24.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Five Key Rules For Getting The Black and White Trend Right This Season

We all know by now that black and white is the biggest trend that any of us has ever experienced in fashion. Everyone can - and is - wearing it. You can take the trend from a red carpet gown all the way through to a casual weekend look with a simple black and white colour combination. I explain all here at Women24.

Style Your Own Look Like a Stylist - It's Just Push and Pull

A good fashion editor or stylist can take a very ordinary piece of clothing and make it look amazing, fresh and different to how anyone else is wearing it. You may think it is magic, but actually all it is, is a bit of push and pull. Let me explain here on Women24.